CHAPTER SIX – Jerry Settles in Colorado (Denver, Colorado)


Jerry Settles in Colorado


The colours and landscapes of Colorado were breath-taking. Jerry, Jali and Henry were mostly silent as they drove along towards their destination. Soon they arrived in Denver.

‘It’s time to go guys!’ said Easy Joe ‘It’s time to move into your new home, we’re here!’

Easy Joe got out of Vanessa and walked into the house. After unpacking his things, he carried all three little pots very gently into the house. ‘It’s good to be home yeah? Sorry I left you so long with Vanessa but I’ve been gone a bit and, I had to make sure everything has been taken care of… well you’ll see what I mean in a minute.’ Easy Joe walked through the house and showed them around. The plants wondered which room they would be staying in until Easy Joe opened a back door and led them out to his garden.

The plants were astounded, this was the most beautiful place they had ever seen.

Joe spent a moment finding the perfect spots to plant his new friends.

‘I think you will have plenty of company here! It’s a very eco-friendly house!’

Jerry felt nervous for the first time. They were finally here. But what if other plants were mean and rude. After all, it had happened so many times before.

Easy Joe left the garden to grab some lunch. The varieties of plants, herbs, vegetables and fruit seemed unending. All of these plants must have come from every part of the world. Jerry, Jali and Henry marveled at their new surroundings and were all incredibly surprised when they looked down and found a small gathering of plants around them. Nervously Jerry, Jali and Henry waved at the crowd.

‘Hello new plants…  we are… well, I mean… I’m.. I’m a good guy…and I’m so happy to be here!’ Jerry stuttered.

The other plants looked at each other confused.

‘Why we know all about you! You’re Jerry and you’re Jali and you must be Henry. We have had many strains of cannabis in this garden before. We know you’ve all got special properties and powers. They is no reason to be afraid of us!’

Other plants began to speak up.

‘Rafi from San Diego tells how you cured his backache enough that he could stretch himself to see waves he’d never seen before’

‘And Harold has told everyone who would listen about what you did for Henry’

‘All the conifer trees speak of you in the highest respect, especially Connor and he is the most respected tree in their community!’

‘You’re a hero, Jerry! We have so much to learn from you, won’t you please join us tonight for a Welcome Party!’

Jerry, Jali and Henry were amazed and excited to meet such a friendly and welcoming group. Later that night during the party, Jerry spoke to them all.

‘My mama told me to spread healing, helpfulness, and love, she said that was our purpose.’ The more plants talk about us, the more people talk about us, the more accepted and respected hemp will be!’

All the plants cheered and vowed to adopt the sacred oath his mother had taught him.  Through his journey he found travel and friendship. He found love and a never-ending passion for helping all who may need him. He knew that one day, people and plants alike would know and respect the gifts he was able to provide.