CHAPTER ONE – Flowers and Seeds (Mexico City, Mexico)


Flowers and Seeds


It was midday, the sun was up in the sky and Jerry, as always, was taking a nap in his mother’s shadow. Every morning she would wake him up with a tickle.

‘Wakey, wakey, my little Money Tree!’ said Mama.

“How did you sleep?” (She asked.)

‘Oh, mom, it was an amazing nap.’

‘Good sweetheart, I have something important I need to tell you today.’

‘What is it, mom?’

‘Have I ever told you about our family Jerry?’

‘Not much, you always said you will tell me when the time will come!’

‘I feel in my leaves that the time is now. Come closer and listen carefully!’

Mama brought her leaves up, and little Jerry came a bit closer. She looked down at him with her majestic eyes and warmly smiled.

‘We have been on this Earth an incredibly long time, son. Centuries. People have used us for so many purposes and we were always happy to serve. They were amazing times! Some did not see a difference between us and your cousin marijuana.  We both hail from the cannabis family, but marijuana is different. Many began to use marijuana more and more and unfortunately our reputation became stigmatised. People forgot about our healing properties. They started to see us as all as a weed which must be banned and removed. We travelled long and we travelled far to find a shelter. Our family came here many generations ago, and our farmer called us his little Money Trees!’

‘Just like you call me?’ Jerry smiled.

‘Yes, love.’

‘But what is Money?’

Mama blushed. This is the first time she had felt intimidated by her own lack of knowledge. “Honey, I don’t know, but what I do know Jerry… is that they are able to trade this money to get things. Whatever they get with this money, they feel makes them happy. Maybe it is their soil. Maybe it is their sunshine. Maybe it is their rain. Some have all things, all the time and some figure out how to get around with a little bit here and there. Everyone wants it though so at the end of the day, money sounds to me like it is something important and valuable. The farmer calls us his money trees because we are worth something! We have value. We are Money. Money is our family.  Money is our friends.  Money is our food as well as our medicine. We have many beneficial properties but please remember that our special power is healing. Whenever you see anyone struggling or in pain – react! That is our purpose! We should never close our eyes to those who need us!”

“I promise, Mama! I promise I will always remember it!”

“Plant the right seeds and grow your own money trees”, she chuckled “I want you to have these.”

Jerry looked at his mother as she lowered one of her branches to give him her seeds and flowers.

“What are these for?” Jerry asked.

“Son, I see your confusion. It is our tradition that we share our seeds and flowers with our children, so they can go on their own journey of helping people. In the future, you will have your own seeds and flowers, but for now, use mine. Now Jerry, I need you to listen very carefully and repeat after me’

‘I swear to show the world we are good…’

‘I swear to show the world we are good…’

‘…and to show my healing powers…’

‘…and to show my healing powers…’

‘…I will plant my seeds, and I will nourish them with love…’

‘…I will plant my seeds, and I will nourish them with love…’

‘… I will grow food and medicine…’

‘…I will grow food and medicine…’

‘…I will grow relationships, and I will grow Money Trees!’

‘…I will grow relationships, and I will grow Money Trees!’

Mama looked down on Jerry, and a tear showed in her eye.

‘That’s a sacred oath, Jerry. You have the seeds, you have the flowers, and now it is time for me to go and heal those that need me.

You must not be sad my son. You must be brave; you must be strong, and you must remember the sacred oath. I will always be in your heart but for now, ‘Close your eyes and wait for silence. When you open them, I will be gone.

Jerry did as Mama ordered.

Time passed by. Jerry felt that the sun is not as high as it was. He heard the noises of people coming and going finally die down to a comfortable quiet. He slowly opened his eyes to discover that Mama was gone. Jerry found himself alone with no other hemp around.

Jerry peered to the right and saw a man coming in his direction. The man was wearing very loose and colourful clothes, he had long grey hair and the most cheerful face Jerry had ever seen.

The man stood over him and looked down.

‘Hey, little buddy!’

Jerry couldn’t say a word.

‘Oh, don’t be shy. They call me Easy Joe Hippie… or Easy Joe for short, I mean I have other names but that one just seemed to fit me the best ya know? He chuckled and picked up Jerry. ‘Now what could your name be? Something starting with a J I feel… Jason? James? Janice? No… it’s definitely Jerry!’

Jerry felt a smile coming on. Easy Joe guessed his name right.

‘Well, harvest time is over so it’s time for us to go, not much else to be done here ya know? I think you will enjoy travelling with me! We’ll see a bit of the world. A little bit of Mexico and a little bit of the States. Easy Joe laughed again.

Jerry looked at Easy Joe.

‘Where are we going you ask? Well little buddy, we are headed to my new house in Colorado.’

‘Call-O-Rod-O? Where is that?’ thought Jerry.

Easy Joe carried Jerry to a large metal bucket box.

‘You like it Jerry? This is my van, and I call her… erhm… Vanessa. Vanessa and I have travelled everywhere together.’

‘How could Easy Joe travel in such a big bucket box?’ wondered Jerry.

After fumbling in the back of the van, Easy Joe returned with four different sized pots. ‘Hummm is this too big or too snug? Ah ha, here is the perfect spot for you Jerry.’ Easy Joe placed Jerry by the window in a small pot.

Jerry’s new seat was extremely cosy. He felt another smile coming on.

‘I see you like it!’ laughed Easy Joe ‘I hope you’re ready to take a long journey!’

Easy Joe turned on the engine.

‘I was just travelling around, and I saw a field of cannabis. You can’t imagine how excited I was and then well…’ he stopped and looked down at Jerry ‘…and I’m glad I found you, little buddy. Now, hold on!’

Easy Joe, Jerry and Vanessa began to move. Jerry looked outside the window. “Wow he thought, the world is starting to move around us and we are right in the middle of it.